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CASE STUDY: Support365®

A Nutritional Supplement Company Wins with IT Through Managed IT Services

Nutritional Supplement Company

LOCATION(s): Nationwide

SERVICE OFFERING: 24x7 Help Desk, Managed IT Services
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The client was not satisfied with the level of responsiveness and the lack of personalized support provided by their previous managed service provider. They required rapid, comprehensive support that was based on a true understanding of their needs, and sought a strategic IT partner to provide expert-level advisory services as well as customer-focused, tailored support.

The client’s employees are geographically scattered nationwide and work remotely from home computers and mobile devices.

What is Support365® ?

Support365® is Dataprise’s forward-thinking, comprehensive, and customizable managed IT solution. Unlike the traditional “break/fix” model of IT support in which the IT provider makes money when the client has issues, Support365® invests in the health of the network to help reduce downtime, improve efficiencies, and enhance employee production. We are invested in your success.

We deliver an approach focused on stabilizing your environment through increased automation and reduced maintenance, so we together can collaborate on a strategic roadmap designed to unlock your organization’s success, lower your IT costs, and demonstrate the true value of a Dataprise partnership.

Challenges & Solutions


Efficiently providing remote support.


Much more than a traditional help desk, the Dataprise Service Desk is staffed by highly-skilled, U.S.-based professionals, not call center agents, and is available 24x7x365. With access to our help desk, the client’s user base receives assistance regardless of time zone or location. The Dataprise help desk is accessible by phone, email, web portal, or chat, providing further flexibility to match the client’s staff needs.


Identifying best-practices network architecture for the client.


The remote and scattered nature of the users also makes this client an excellent fit for the Microsoft Office 365 solution. All 250 client users are able to access their data from any location and any logged-in device, without relying on physical servers or the company’s network uptime. A cloud solution also lets the client keep costs low. With the right cloud solution, clients can enhance their productivity, lower IT costs, and improve IT service delivery.


Monitoring and managing devices.


The ability to remotely monitor and manage this remote workforce was of the utmost importance to the client. Utilizing our agent-based solution, Dataprise rolled out a critical Windows 10 update to the entire client workforce without requiring collective downtime. Individual employees were able to select workable downtime for themselves and leave their devices plugged in and waiting, receive the update, and move on without losing sales. This Cloud-based solution meets a key client need of maximizing uptime to drive sales. Our automated software agent can be installed, configured, and customized to each environment to ensure critical and regular maintenance on each system is routinely performed.

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