ON-DEMAND WEBINAR How to Stretch Your IT Budget

How to Stretch Your IT Budget

Join us as we discuss the best options for IT budgeting for your organization. We will guide you on how to build your IT budget from start to finish and provide advice to spread out costs for the services that fit your company.

In this webinar, Tad Doyle, vCIO on our Strategic Consulting Team, addresses:

  • How to gain control of your IT budget and learn to spend it wisely
  • Ways to partner with your accounting department and know the terms to win over your CFO
  • Efficient spending to prevent future costs like outages, malware, crypto locker, data breaches, etc.

Tune in to discover how to stretch your IT budget. 

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Tad Doyle, vCIO

Tad Doyle has over 20 years of experience in IT, the last 16 with Dataprise growing into the role of vCIO on the Strategic Consulting team. For many years, Mr. Doyle has been a trusted adviser to several of Dataprise’s largest clients. In his role, he has provided platform and vendor agnostic recommendations to improve IT productivity and operations, including end-user satisfaction.

Mr. Doyle has worked closely with c-level executives at Dataprise’s clients to help them develop their strategic plans. Tad has extensive experience at cost analyses and working with stakeholders to align initiatives with their needs and budgets. He has also successfully helped them consolidate their resources, reduce complexity, and improve security. Tad excels at improving transparency and accountability with financial stakeholders such as accounting and governing boards.

Mr. Doyle holds several IT certifications, including ITIL and MCP. He has an MS in Communications from Ithaca College.