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Managed Cybersecurity

Comprehensive security solutions designed to protect, detect and respond to threats to keep your data secure and reduce risk. Our security services integrate seamlessly with our infrastructure services so that your IT environment is secure.

Use IT as an Unfair Competitive Advantage

Your job is to keep your business moving. Dataprise delivers high-quality, strategic IT infrastructure and cybersecurity services that enable your business to use technology as a strategic enabler.

  • Optimized for the midmarket
  • Optimized for uptime
  • Optimized for threat protection

For Mid-Market Companies That See IT as a Strategic Enabler, Resilient Infrastructure is Essential

Competing in today’s digital world means providing unique capabilities that provide competitive differentiation. Doing so requires deploying strategic line-of-business applications on reliable infrastructure optimized for uptime. This means IT infrastructure such as security and business continuity are critical to their success.

Dataprise consultant discusses infrastructure failure prevention with client
But These Companies Struggle To Deliver This Infrastructure In-House

Infrastructure failures such as security breaches, disaster recovery failures and systems collapses are fully manageable, but midmarket CIOs simply do not have the financial or workforce resources need to deliver robust IT infrastructure support in house.

  • Modern infrastructure is increasingly complex and requires specialists.
  • Talent gap in the market means finding specialists is difficult.
  • Retention of key IT talent is a major concern for many CIOs.
Midmarket Companies Seeking Outsourced Strategic IT Infrastructure Have Few Good Options

Outsourcing is always an option when in-house is a challenge, but midmarket companies that see IT as a strategic enabler will find few good options in the MSP world.

  • They are too big for the legions of local and regional MSPs that focus on the SMB segments and employ technology that does not scale to the midmarket level
  • Large national and global MSPs can provide strategic IT infrastructure, but they focus on the larger enterprise market and do not typically support midmarket clients
  • Many MSPs treat IT infrastructure as a cost to be minimized. Vendors who compete to be the lowest cost provider are not optimizing their services to maximize your uptime

Strategic Buyers Need a New Type of Partner to Effectively Address Their IT Infrastructure Needs 

Treating IT as a ‘necessary evil’ with a goal of minimizing cost is the wrong approach. Deploying carefully designed, implemented, and integrated infrastructure that maximizes uptime is the right approach. Doing so requires a vendor with:

  • A cyber team with comprehensive skills that can evolve on an ongoing basis
  • An infrastructure team focused on operational resilience to maximize uptime and minimize downtime when issues occur
  • A user management team that realizes users play a key role in cybersecurity, and that your help desk needs to integrate with your security infrastructure

Dataprise Is That Company. We Help Midmarket Organizations Use Technology as a Strategic Enabler to Grow Their Businesses  

We provide effective, resilient IT infrastructure that enables midmarket CIOs to focus on the LOB applications they use to compete with unique advantages in their markets.

  • We lead with cybersecurity, as it is the only way to protect a company and its data
  • We follow with resilient infrastructure and effective continuity of operations, as LOB applications must be online to deliver the competitive differentiation CEOs and CIOs are counting on
  • While our services are comprehensive and integrated, they are also modular so midmarket companies with some internal IT resources can get the help they need in specific areas

We Have All the Right Pieces to be the Right Partner for a Strategic Midmarket CIO

We help businesses like yours navigate the complexities of modern IT. Our unique midmarket perspective means our solutions are tailored to help you compete with enterprises and maximize your growth, all while tightly integrating your infrastructure, user management, cybersecurity, and BC/DR to protect your systems, networks, and data.

  • Deep and broad skillsets
  • Versatile and scalable solutions
  • Minimal downtime


Dataprise consultant discusses infrastructure project logistics with team

The ROI for Working with Dataprise is Immense

Our job is to remove the pain of dealing with multiple suppliers, locations, and environments by providing you with a seamless experience.

By partnering with Dataprise, your business benefits from:

  • Reduced cyberattack and downtime costs
  • Freedom for CIOs to work on gaining a competitive advantage in their markets
  • Experienced experts that get infrastructure projects done right the first time
  • Tightly integrated infrastructure, cybersecurity, and BC/DR that delivers elite continuity

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