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Success Story: Process Automation for a Property Management Company

Discover How Process Automation, Internal-Focused Intranets, and Cloud Services Benefited a Property Management Company

Success Story

CLIENT INDUSTRY: Property Management

LOCATION(s): Headquartered in Virginia with locations throughout the East Coast

# OF USERS: 100-249

SERVICE OFFERING: Web and Mobile Solutions: SharePoint
Process Automation Success Story

With employees scattered all along the East Coast and over 30 different properties, the property management company needed a way to keep documents in one, easy to access location to improve version control and efficiency. This centralized file storage system would be accessed by all employees across multiple states. Additionally, this new system needed to be easy to use for employees with varying degrees of technical knowledge. Files were being stored in different formats and locations.


Under the direction of our project manager, and with assistance from subject matter experts, our Web Solutions team developed and executed a multi-phase project comprised of discovery and implementation.

Starting with a Discovery phase, we reviewed their existing processes and file systems. We identified and located multiple documents being stored in various locations, including file systems, emails, user’s personal machines, and even external storage sites (e.g., Dropbox).

Upon completion of this phase, we delivered a site structure diagram for a SharePoint site where our client could manage and maintain all files, and where only one true copy of each file could exist.

During the Implementation phase, we built a custom SharePoint site that utilized Microsoft Office 365 and provided a centralized system from which all employees could easily work. This site also has the capability for employees to tag and find necessary documents in real-time.

To ensure all employees were able to use this new site to its full capacity, we provided administrators and users with training, as well as initial support to get them up and running.

Win with IT

With a SharePoint site now being utilized by employees at all of their locations and by multiple departments, our client has been able to dramatically reduce their network infrastructure footprint. They continue to move their documents to their new home in the cloud.


Furthermore, with Dataprise’s additional efforts to develop several new templates for storing interview notes and establishing a taxonomy for file classification, employees are able to make more accurate decisions in real-time.


Having a web-based solution that makes it easy to store, tag, and manage documents across all departments and properties, our client has been able to increase productivity across the board.


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