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Gain Insights and Real-Time Data with Microsoft Power BI Services

Understanding the data your organization collects is critical to making informed decisions with business intelligence. With Microsoft Power BI services, you can transform your raw data into useful, actionable insights that improve transparency, increase interdepartmental collaboration, and drive business efficiency.

Microsoft Power BI is a unified platform designed to consolidate your data into comprehensive, real-time dashboards for a holistic view on your organization’s insights so that you can make strategic, actionable decisions.

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Dataprise Can Modernize your Business:

  • Migrate to or implement Power BI
  • Integrate Power BI with your existing applications and infrastructure
  • Connect your Microsoft and third-party data sources to Power BI
  • Develop a roadmap for modernizing your organization’s data with Power BI

Drive Your Business Decisions with Microsoft Power BI Through:

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Streamlined Data

Microsoft Power BI services connect seamlessly to all data sources and give you the ability to analyze, share and promote insights across organizations while ensuring your data is accurate and consistent. This gives your organization a full view of performance and key metrics so that you can make informed, strategic decisions.

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Personalized, Interactive Dashboards

With Microsoft Power BI services, your organization has access to highly customizable business intelligence dashboards and reports that you can fine-tune to display the precise information you need. From executive dashboards highlighting company revenue to HR dashboards visualizing compensation analysis, Power BI lets you create dashboards that are meaningful to each and every member of your organization.

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Visual Data Experiences

From 3D bar graphs to pie charts and more, Power BI takes your important statistics and key performance indicators and turns them into stunning, visual overviews. This gives you a quick view into the information that matters to you and allows you to easily analyze and perform efficient trend analysis with your data.

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Real-Time Access

Power BI is a real-time data solution that displays your performance in the moment. With native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile, you can access and collaborate on reports and visualizations anytime, anywhere. Power BI integrates with a vast array of Microsoft solutions, such as Microsoft Teams.

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Unmatched Security

With Microsoft Power BI services, industry-leading security features are incorporated to ensure your data remains safe. These include highly customizable user authentication settings synced to your Active Directory, granular permissions settings to restrict access to sensitive information, and data encryption.

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