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Dataprise Offers Expert-Level IT Support Philadelphia Businesses Trust

Our award-winning managed IT services in Philadelphia can enhance your organization's infrastructure. Dataprise provides expert technology solutions to businesses both large & small. Our expert team is able to offer superior IT consulting, managed services and network support services to organizations and other clientele throughout the greater Philadelphia area and the Delaware Valley.

Comprehensive IT Services in Philadelphia

Whether your firm is seeking IT help desk services, IT consultancy services, network support services -- or you're thinking about running a comprehensive IT assessment / security audit — our team is here to help.. We only hire and train expert-level IT consultants who have the talent, education and experience to handle your hardware, software, networking, support or any other IT services Philadelphia businesses need.

Our Expert Team Delivers the Best IT Support Philadelphia Has to Offer

At Dataprise, we offer our very popular Support365® managed IT services plans that can give your organization a truly comprehensive IT support solution. Our company provides large, medium and small business IT services in Philadelphia. From backup to network monitoring, and from technical support to 24 hour help desk services, our plans have all of your IT needs covered.

Your Personal Philadelphia IT Support Team

Based out of Rockville, MD, Dataprise offers a wide range of information technology services to businesses across the US. Our plans also include emergency on-site response service for customers located anywhere in or around the greater Philadelphia and Delaware Valley area. Contact our office to start winning with our industry-leading Philadelphia IT support services.

Visibility, Expertise, and Technology to Stop Attackers in Their Tracks in Philadelphia

Hundreds of organizations, from mid-sized enterprises to small businesses, trust Dataprise to protect their businesses.

Dataprise Managed Cybersecurity delivers rapid response to threats through ingestion of multiple signals, end-to-end management, understanding new and emerging threats, building security methods and technologies to detect them, and operating a 24/7 security operations team.

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If your business is looking to partner with a local IT support company that will learn the intimate details of your business technology and process, while also having the experience to manage and advise you on your day-to-day technology challenges, just fill out our contact form below and one of our consultants will contact you shortly.

Dataprise Managed Services Give Your Philadelphia Business a Winning Advantage 

Dataprise is the clear choice when it comes to IT managed services. We offer our very popular Support365® managed IT services plans that can give your organization a truly comprehensive IT support solution. From backup to network monitoring, security and a 24x7 help desk support, our plans have all of your IT needs covered. These plans are also extremely flexible, offering all-inclusive options or a la carte services.

What Type of Managed Cloud Services Does Dataprise Offer in Philadelphia?

The short answer? Whatever solution is going to meet your business objectives. Our team of certified IT professionals are here to guide you towards the best cloud solutions for your business. Our experts will work with you, advising, building, managing and provider public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions that will keep you winning with IT.  Explore our managed cloud services here or learn about how we offer your business a one-stop-shop for all our cloud solutions needs by contacting us today at 888-519-8111. 

How Can I Find 24x7 Help Desk Support in Philadelphia?

Do you need immediate, efficient remote IT support? Our IT Help Desk may be the answer. For over 22 years, we’ve refined our help desk to meet the needs of all our Philadelphia clients large and small. We even offer unique forms of Help Desk support. These comprehensive options give you a competitive advantage and we’d be happy to discuss your options! Contact us today to learn more about our Help Desk services.

What Type of IT Consulting Services Are Available in Philadelphia

Trying to solve your IT problems can be problematic for many businesses in Philadelphia. But with our IT consultants and consulting services, you can rest assured you’re receiving top-notch advice from our consultants. These services include CTO/vCIO services, IT assessments and disaster recovery planning. To learn more, contact use to speak with one of our IT consultants.

Does Dataprise Offer IT Security Services in Philadelphia

Yes, and our solutions are geared towards protecting your business! No matter what size your business is, or what industry you’re in, you need experts managing your sensitive data and protecting your most valuable assets. Dataprise IT security solutions keep your technology ahead of the curve and fully-protected. We offer custom IT security solutions for businesses in Philadelphia to meet your current needs and keep you winning with IT. Explore our information security services, or contact us to get started!