ON-DEMAND WEBINAR10 Tricks to Improve Mobile Device + Endpoint Security & Management

10 Tricks to Improve Mobile Device + Endpoint Security & Management

The stats around mobile device and endpoint security are scary. 70% of successful breaches originate at the endpoint. 40% of CEOs view mobile devices as their biggest IT security threat. And only 7% of lost mobile devices are ever recovered.  

At the same time, employees are going everywhere with mobile devices carrying corporate data and easy access to corporate networks.  

Watch this on-demand webinar for 10 tricks to enhance your organization’s mobile device/endpoint security and management. Topics we’ll cover include: 

  • (Re)Evaluating a MDM / UEM Platform: Current vendor landscape and considerations 

  • Layering in Security: Encryption, protecting corporate assets & zero-trust 

  • Application Management: Allowed, blocked, customized based on risk 

  • Policies: What’s in, what’s out 

  • End of Life: Safely kicking a device to the curb without your data 


David Schwartz, SVP + General Manager, Wireless Watchdogs, Dataprise



Mary Beth Hamilton, Vice President of Marketing, Dataprise