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Gain a Deeper Understanding of Your Environment and Better Leverage IT with our IT Assessments

Based on industry best practices, our comprehensive approach to information technology assessments helps give you the transparency you need to win with IT.

Chances are, your IT environment has developed gradually. Over time, problems can emerge, including performance gaps, redundancies, inefficiencies, and unintended information silos. Eventually, it can be difficult to determine what is and is not working or know where to invest your IT resources.

That's where Dataprise IT Assessments come in. Designed to give your business in-depth insights into your current IT environment, our IT Assessments help your business determine your current state and find areas to grow and improve so that you can strategically align IT with your business goals.

Benefits of a Winning IT Assessment:

  • Identifies your IT strengths and potential areas to grow and improve
  • Identifies IT risks that may not have been known and mitigation strategies to minimize or eliminate these risks
  • Assists in providing a pathway forward for technology that is aligned to your business goals and objectives
  • Highlights opportunities for cost optimization

What does an IT Assessment process look like?

While every assessment focuses on different IT and business aspects, all of our assessments include:

  • Insight and analysis from our technical experts
  • Proven project management methodology to ensure monitoring, control, and quality assurance throughout the assessment process
  • Stakeholder involvement to determine business goals and objectives
  • Recommendations for improvements

Types of IT Assessments

IT Assessments help organizations like yours, no matter how large or small, gain a better understanding of their current IT environment to better align to key business goals and objectives.

Dataprise offers a variety of IT assessments to meet your business needs, including:

Business-Aligned Information Technology Assessment (BA-ITA)

Our Business-Aligned Information Technology Assessment (BA-ITA) is designed to evaluate the objectives and operational requirements of your organization as well as the technology infrastructure, applications, and support resources that serve your employees, clients, and partners.

The BA-ITA looks at how your organization leverages technology, how it integrates with your business processes, and how it is managed and governed. Once we gain a deep understanding of your objectives and challenges, we develop a plan to improve business outcomes by aligning your business with current and emerging technologies.

Business Aligned IT Assessment Image
IT Assessment Image

As one of the leading IT assessment companies, Dataprise will develop a customized technology roadmap that will help you navigate and prioritize future strategic indicatives that can help your organization:

  • Grow Revenue By analyzing technology in the context of your business, we can uncover ways to improve a customer experience, maintain existing business, and ultimately grow revenue.
  • Control Costs Duplicated efforts within your business drivers and technology can be detrimental to your organization’s budget, so we look for opportunities to consolidate or leverage new technologies to streamline processes and control costs.
  • Control Risk There are inherent risks in any organization, but there are also risks that can be mitigated or eliminated; we uncover those risks and provide recommendations to reduce their potential impact.
Information Technology Assessment (ITA)

Designed to provide an in-depth overview of your current infrastructure and technology, our Information Technology Assessment (ITA) evaluates the technology solutions you have in place and how they support your business functions and objectives.

Our ITA analyzes an expansive range of IT functional areas, including:

  • Data Storage – SAN, permissions, performance, accessibility, availability
  • Server Infrastructure – Warranty/support, performance, capability planning, virtualization, and operating systems
  • Network Infrastructure – Power, environment controls, UPS, and warranty/support
  • Networking Infrastructure/Carrier Services – ISP, network switching, wireless, cabling and connectivity, LAN/WAN, and warranty/support
  • Cloud Services – Compliance, availability, accessibility, and service delivery model
  • Business Services/Applications – Collaboration and messaging, financial management, CRM, Active Directory/directory services, business intelligence, and file/print sharing
  • IT Disaster Recover/Business Continuity – Recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO), disaster recovery (DR) planning/readiness, business and impact analysis, and backups
  • Network Security – RTO Password policies, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall, content filtering, and physical security
  • Telephony – All aspects of your telephony solution
  • Risk – Risk identification and risk analysis
IT Organizational Assessment Image
IT Organizational Assessments

Our IT Organizational Assessment analyzes how IT services are delivered throughout your organization. This includes the assessment of the current IT organizational structure, available resources, required functions, and existing roles that help meet delivery needs. This assessment incorporates industry best practices and business requirements to identify gaps in your delivery model, including such areas as training and development, succession planning, and workforce planning.

Our recommendations will identify the effective sourcing strategies to ensure that your IT organization can provide optimal service delivery for your business needs.

Financial IT Assessments

Our Financial IT Assessments evaluate your current IT expenses and the areas to which funds are allocated. This helps us understand the drivers for your IT spend and how they align with your business activity.

We assess your IT spend in relation to company size, industry sector, revenue generation, and support, and then compare these results to industry benchmarks and IT financial models. Additionally, we assess the budgeting process, spend authority, and decision policies to help you better understand how IT financial controls are applied.

Our financial IT assessments evaluate spend in the following areas:

  • Cloud management
  • Service delivery and resourcing
  • Information security
  • Vendor management
  • Infrastructure
  • Software and applications
  • Supporting services

After our analysis is complete, we provide a comprehensive report outlining your current IT financial state, alignment to best practice and industry benchmarks, and potential areas to optimize your budget and IT spend.

Financial IT Assessment Image
BCP and Disaster Recovery Image
Business Continuity Plan & Disaster Recovery Maturity and Readiness Assessments

Having a well-crafted IT disaster recovery and business continuity strategy grounded in a robust data backup and recovery solution is essential. To ensure your business is prepared, we offer assessments for:

Security Assessments Image
Security Assessments

To help ensure your business is protected against the latest threats, we offer IT security assessments that provide the transparency your business needs to determine your current security baseline with key, actionable recommendations to harden your security posture.

Custom Assessments

Not seeing an assessment that fits your needs? We can work with you to provide a custom assessment to meet your business goals. We have conducted a variety of point-specific assessments, including on organizations’ IT governance maturity, data governance, help desk delivery model (IT sourcing) and IT risk management. Contact us to discuss your specific assessment needs.

IT Consulting Services We Offer Include:

IT Strategy and Planning
Our dedicated team of technical experts work with you to develop an IT strategy to ensure your technology decisions meet your business needs. LEARN MORE >
Business Continuity
and Disaster Recovery
We help you devise a business continuity plan to keep your critical systems and processes safe while providing you with peace of mind. LEARN MORE >
Governance, Risk,
and Compliance
We work with you to assess, plan, implement, and manage IT frameworks for a successful alignment of infrastructure and organizational strategy. LEARN MORE >

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