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CASE STUDY: Foulger-Pratt

A Real Estate Development Company's IT Needs Met With Enterprise-Class Support, Management, Hosting, and Advisory Services


CLIENT INDUSTRY: Real Estate Development

LOCATION(s): Headquartered in Potomac, MD with locations throughout the D.C.-Metro Area

# OF USERS: 250-500

SERVICE OFFERING: Outsourced Help Desk, Remote Network Monitoring and Management, Strategic IT Consulting, On-site Network Services, Data Center Hosting, Cloud Services
Foulger-Pratt Case Study


Foulger-Pratt maintained an internal IT department and worked with smaller MSPs throughout the years, but in early 2015 realized they had outgrown their current provider and found it challenging for their internal IT team to keep up with the needs of the business. In their search for a new MSP, they engaged us and began the relationship with two projects critical to the success of the company: server and data center migration, and a full-scale office move of their headquarters. Toby Cooper, Director of IT at Foulger- Pratt, said of the office move, “With the proper planning and everything we had going on with Dataprise, we had a seamless move.”

Both projects were executed successfully, setting up a strong relationship between the companies. We helped Foulger-Pratt transform their IT environment and win with IT.

Goals for Working
with Dataprise
Foulger-Pratt seeks a fresh set of eyes to look at their IT environment and adjust their strategy to align with business objectives and enhance their business offerings to take full advantage of their IT options.
Reliable IT is essential to success in any industry. Foulger-Pratt’s hardware, software, and network must be operational and consistently available with full backups and redundant systems for cases of emergency.
Foulger-Pratt seeks to streamline and improve efficiencies throughout all levels of the IT environment by taking full advantage of opportunities for process and task automation.
Foulger-Pratt’s Executive Management wish to assess functional and workflow requirements associated with enterprise applications in order to identify optimal integration options that would lead to improved staff productivity and enhanced Business Intelligence reporting.

Dataprise is definitely a business partner that we’re able to count on.

I had total confidence in the team. The engineering team, the project management team, the vCIO - everyone was working together as if they were part of Foulger-Pratt.

Toby Cooper Signature
An Enterprise-Class Level of Support


One of the first projects we implemented as Foulger-Pratt’s MSP partner was the migration of their data to our data center. This project kicked off the Foulger-Pratt/Dataprise partnership and required careful planning and execution to minimize downtime and manage risk to their data.


These migration projects were planned and executed smoothly, setting a positive tone for our partnership. Foulger-Pratt has experienced 100% server uptime since partnering with us.


Foulger-Pratt asked us to review the financial and business applications in use in their environment, and offer recommendations for improvement and consolidation. The overall goal of this process was to streamline and consolidate applications in use as much as possible.


We found that the different departments within the organization were highly siloed, each utilizing its own set of applications without knowledge of the potential for consolidation and streamlined access across departments.

We have designed and are working continuously to optimize a new application suite for Foulger-Pratt that consolidates the applications used across departments and streamlines processes. The end result enables the organization to compare data with much better flexibility, ultimately helping improve efficiency across business units.


Foulger-Pratt currently has about 20 remote sites, with an overly complicated file storage and replication framework. They have also had some challenges with the implementation of a new Document Management System for their Executive Management divisions. They seek to improve their file storage, access, availability, and security through the streamlining, consolidation, and the implementation of a new file storage framework that works in tandem with their new Document Management System.


Dataprise specialists are designing an architecture for a new file system that will allow for efficient, accurate storage and access of data. We are also assisting the thirdparty vendor and internal Project Manager to ensure the effective roll out of their new Document Management System.

Foulger-Pratt What's Happening Today

Dataprise and Foulger-Pratt are working together to streamline and enhance Foulger-Pratt’s technology ecosystem and capabilities to help the company win with IT.

Foulger-Pratt’s leadership are happy to have a partner to improve their business. They look forward to continued efforts in enhancing their business agility, and access to new technology enabled opportunities.

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