End-User Support and Management

Comprehensive Support for Your Workforce

Your employees rely on the technology they use to be efficient and available. When their technology stops, they stop and if you’re supporting them internally, your IT resources stop what they’re doing to jump in.

Let Dataprise handle the day-to-day end-user support while you focus on your business growth. Integrated with our full managed services suite, our per-user end-user management offering gives you peace of mind that your organization is receiving the IT support it needs. We provide you with a complete end-user management solution with a best-in-class service experience that makes your job easy and your employees’ support seamless.

Benefits of End-User Support Include:

  • Easily scalable, predictable pricing based on per-user managed services
  • Multi-channel user support
  • Options for US-based and 24x7 support
  • Financially-backed service level agreements (SLAs)
  • As needed field service escalations
  • White labeling abilities
  • Reporting and insights

Support for Your End-Users and Beyond

Our Managed user solutions are delivered in conjunction with our full suite of managed services, including Managed Infrastructure and Managed Cybersecurity. By utilizing Managed User and a suite of other managed services such as end-user management and end-user support, your organization benefits from a dedicated team of engineers who understand your environment and can resolve issues more efficiently. Additionally, we can help pinpoint trends in incidents that can be solved or optimized in your IT environment to reduce or remove issues entirely.

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An outsourced end-user management IT team is the behind-the-scenes MVP of your organization, just like your favorite football teams' roster of physical therapists, trainers, and managers. While critical to success, the best ones are often those that help the system run smoothly and efficiently without being noticed. Is your outsourced help desk providing your company the value it needs to win big?

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