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Desktop Virtualization (Daas): Enabling The Anywhere and The Anytime Power

Hosted by Dan O'Farrell, Director of Desktop Virtualization at Dell and Christopher Stavely, Systems Architect at Dataprise


During this session of "Ask the vCIOs" learning series for growing businesses, Dan O'Farrell, Director of Desktop Virtualization at Dell and Christopher Stavely, Systems Architect at Dataprise, discuss how business mobility is transforming the role of the traditional desktop and why Desktop-as-a-Service (DaaS) might be a good solution for your organization.


Session Description
This session will explore the leading recent drivers behind the growth of VDI and Daas, the types of organizations that may benefit most from considering moving their desktops from physical to virtual, and what can be expected in terms of planning, cost, and user experience for those who choose to migrate to virtual desktops and applications.

Session Content

  • Drivers behind what leads an organization to moving towards Daas
  • What types of organizations are using Daas
  • What types of users in the organization are using Daas
  • What types of devices are users in the organization using for Daas

Session Takeaway
Those who attend this live webinar can expect to gain insight about:
  • Primary drivers toward virtual desktops and app delivery
  • Recent market trends in VDI/Daas growth and forward-looking projections
  • Common use cases where VDI/Daas has the "best fit"
  • Common endpoint strategies (PC, thin/zero client, mobile devices) within virtual desktop implementations
  • Expected incremental data center build-out requirements in order to offer VDI/Daas
  • On-premise vs. hosted off-premise VDI/Daas considerations and associated pros and cons
  • The role of hyper-convergence in hosting virtual desktops>
  • Potential ongoing cost benefits of VDI/Daas
  • Considerations to ease the planning, installation, implementation, and operation of VDI/Daas


Meet the Presenters

Headshot of Dan O'Farrell, Director of Desktop Virtualization Solutions at Dell.

Dan O'Farrell, Director of Desktop Virtualization Solutions at Dell

Dan O'Farrell is Director of Desktop Virtualization Solutions at Dell. Dan ran the product marketing function within Wyse Technology prior to its acquisition by Dell in May of 2012. Before joining Wyse, he led various marketing and product management teams for over twenty years at multiple Silicon Valley companies, including F500 companies like HP and Sun, as well as a number of early-stage startups. With expertise in networking, wireless, network security, and WAN optimization, Dan started his career as a software engineer at IBM and migrated to product management, which ultimately led to senior marketing leadership positions. Dan has a B.S. degree in computer science from the State University of New York at Plattsburgh.


Headshot of Christopher Stavely, Systems Architect at Dataprise.

Christopher Stavely, Systems Architect and Desktop Virtualization Guru at Dataprise

Chris Stavely joined the Dataprise team in 2010 as a Network Consultant. Since being hired Chris has held several roles at Dataprise, including Project Management, Technical Services Management, and now he is a Systems Architect. He has over 10 years of experience in IT and specializes in a wide range of technology. Chiris is an expert in datacenter infrastructure, backup and recovery, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI). His consulting services support our growing partnership with Dell and provide a wide range of customers with valuable system design/integration support. As a Systems Architect, Chris passionately identifies the correct technology and implementation services to help customers achieve maximum value from their technology investments.

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