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Use our live support assistantTEChy is Dataprise’s revolutionary and proprietary IT support assistant. Available via website and mobile, you can report your IT incidents to TEChy and receive rapid access to our support engineers. to report and manage your technical issues 24x7

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Connect directly to our experts, request a callback, or use Voicemail-to-Ticket Submit your IT issues via voicemail and we’ll automatically create an incident and call you back, keeping your place in line the entire time without needing to wait on hold.

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[email protected]

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EmailSubmit your issues via email and we will automatically identify who you are and create a ticket without you ever needing to call us first. Your dedicated team will reach out to resolve your issue without ever needing to be on hold. your technical issues in and our IT experts will take it from there

No matter which option you select, we'll jump on your request and it will be automatically prioritized and routed to your dedicated resolution team.

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  • 24x7x365 Support With Multi-Channel Access
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How to Use Our IT Support Assistant

  • Step 1:
    Launch Auxy from your desktop, on this page, or in the myDataprise portal!
  • Step 2:
    Enter your email and Auxy will authenticate.
  • Step 3:
    Choose Your Pathway! Report a new incident or connect to e person via chat or phone call.