Dataprise Feature:

Breaking Ground | New York City


Dataprise is Proud to be Breaking Ground's IT Partner

At Dataprise, we are privileged to partner with businesses that make a positive impact on their local communities. Breaking Ground is a New York-based non-profit dedicated to developing supportive and affordable housing and programs for homeless and at-risk individuals and families. In this feature, we highlight Breaking Ground's mission to strengthen their communities and the partnership of technology and support that Dataprise provides to help Breaking Ground succeed.

Since 2014, Dataprise has provided comprehensive managed non-profit IT services, such as 24x7 service desk, vCIO consulting, senior network consulting, on-site engineering, VoIP services, and information security services. In addition, our technology experts performed an IT environment assessment that resulted in targeted recommendations to improve their IT and network. Breaking Ground utilized this assessment to increase business efficiencies, improve legacy issues, and implement a plan for future growth. Our partnership continues to thrive as Breaking Ground moves onto their biggest expansion yet.  

"Dataprise did an assessment to let us know whether we had anything to worry about."

"That was the scariest meeting I have ever had...because what we learned was that we had multiple vulnerabilities."

- Brenda Rosen, CEO & President of Breaking Ground

Sign Up for a Free IT Environment Assessment Now. A complimentary IT environment assessment can be the start of your businesses’ digital transformation journey. Talk to our experts to get high-level recommendations on where your IT strategy can be improved to get your organization ahead of the competition with more efficient, cost-effective technology.

What is an IT Environment Assessment? An IT Environment Assessment is a review of a company’s IT environment and technology systems. An effective IT assessment, like the ones provided by Dataprise, helps organizations receive a better return on their IT investments by offering a better understanding of their network. The process assesses the overall condition of the network environment while identifying key strengths and weaknesses. The result helps you determine where your IT investment will generate the most positive impact.


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